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Business formation & structuring

Incorporating in Europe's diverse landscape requires expert guidance. From the hubs of the UK and Germany to emerging markets in Eastern Europe, DPSL offers specialized support for business formation in any European country, ensuring a strategic and compliant approach.

Your Gateway to Incorporation Across Europe

Europe, with its diverse economies and markets, offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses. Whether it’s the financial hubs of the UK and Switzerland, the industrial powerhouses of Germany and France, or the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, choosing the right country for incorporation is crucial. At DPSL, we stand as a beacon for businesses, offering specialized guidance for incorporation and structuring in any European country.


  • Pan-European Expertise: Our deep knowledge spans across all European countries, ensuring businesses get country-specific insights.
  • Strategic Incorporation: We guide businesses to choose the best European country that aligns with their vision and operational goals.
  • Seamless Compliance: With our expertise, businesses are always in line with the regulatory frameworks of their chosen European country.


  • Country-Specific Incorporation: Detailed guidance on the nuances of incorporating in popular destinations like the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and more.
  • Optimal Business Structuring: Expert advice on choosing the right business entity, be it an LLC, PLC, GmbH, SARL, or others, depending on the country.
  • End-to-End Formation Services: From initial paperwork to final registration, we ensure a smooth incorporation process.
  • Expansion Support: For businesses looking to branch out to other European countries, we provide insights and support for multi-country operations.

Incorporating in Europe is a strategic decision, and with DPSL, businesses are equipped with the insights and support to make the best choice, ensuring a strong foothold in the European landscape.