The right tools to ensure compliance.

We create ad-hoc training programs to ensure the maintenance of behaviors that comply with regulatory requirements and company standards.
We take care of the "turnkey" creation of fully customized e-learning platforms.

E-learning platforms and contents

We develop the contents for staff training on corporate regulations and policies, so that they are repeatable and economically sustainable over time. Thanks to engaging and modern platforms, we instill knowledge and awareness in employees and collaborators.

  • Different levels of users and managerial control
  • Periodic or continuous administration
  • Content developed ad-hoc
  • Custom logos and colors

Compliance monitoring dashboards

We analyze business processes to extract the necessary information. Including the risk elements, we interface with software developers specialized in data analysis to jointly develop an interface from which to monitor compliance with company regulations and policies.

  • Immediate control over information flows
  • Whistleblowing reports
  • Integration with big data and performance