Ensure efficiency and legality for the collective good.

Thanks to a solid experience alongside Municipalities and other Local Authorities, we support the executive bodies in addressing the restructuring and efficiency of publicly owned companies.

Public companies support

Through an integrated approach and a network of multidisciplinary professionals, with specific skills in corporate law, public contract law and M&A, we are able to develop legal solutions for the restructuring of public or publicly owned companies.

Efficiency and compliance audit

We analyze every aspect of the activity and organization of public companies or companies with public participation, even on a confidential basis and with different levels of access, drafting a confidential report for the executive bodies that highlights the critical elements and suggesting gradual resolution mechanisms.

We have a particular experience in the audits of RSA, RSD, sports clubs and other key city structures.


We intervene in a targeted manner to bring illegal or inefficient situations back to normal, supporting the Public or Local Body in dialogue with all bodies and with the Judicial Authority.

From an operational and managerial point of view, we take care of structuring and executing radical turnaround operations, also through recovery plans and debt restructuring agreements, equipping the company with all the necessary tools for efficient and effective management.