Antonio Giuseppe Di Pietro


Practice areas

Antonio is the founder of the Firm. He assists companies in developing risk mitigation strategies, both compliance-related or reagarding the risk deriving from the relationships with Third Parties. Thanks to his professional experience at a multinational in the field of financial risk and thanks to his passion for technology, Antonio develops and maintains the partnerships necessary to offer the avant-garde approach that characterizes the Firm.


Laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza
University of Milan

M.A. Global Affairs and International Security
The American University in Cairo

Post-graduate diploma “Anti-Corruption and Crime Prevention in Public Administrations and Corporations”
University of Milan

Social engagement

Over the years, Antonio has held various governance roles in a world-spread humanitarian organization, to which – after a decade – he still remains deeply tied, both in its activities and in the desire to see some specific social priorities which he actively promotes.

One of these, the dissemination of international humanitarian law, particularly commits him with the participation in seminars and courses as a speaker, both in civil and military venues. Antonio has collaborated on research projects sponsored by leading governmental defense agencies.


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