An ethical statement to protect the future of the company.

We optimize the Company's compliance with regulatory requirements relating to corporate criminal liability.
We create Organization, Management and Control Models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 effective and attentive to corporate performance, defensible whistleblowing management systems and innovative training programs.

Organization for crime prevention .


An Organization, Management and Control Model is a set of rules, procedures and ways of operating that define the company. This Model aims to counteract the commission of some particular crimes within companies (so-called predicate crimes), provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001.

The company is not obliged to adopt a Model of this type; however, being compliant allows you to protect yourself from sanctions in the event that one of the crimes occurs at the hands of subjects in top positions or by any subject subject to their management or supervision (employees, but also temporary workers, collaborators, consultants …).

The sanctions envisaged are of a monetary nature (according to a particular quota system) or of a disqualifying nature, often accompanied by ancillary sanctions (such as the publication of the sentence) and the confiscation of assets.

A made to measure model.


Recognition of business and support processes, through a mapping carried out together with the Client at their offices.

Drafting of a ‘grid’ of sensitive business areas, and subsequent identification of the activities at risk within these areas.

Drafting of a list of rules to which all employees must comply, shared with the stakeholders and in line with the codes that characterize their industrial sector. This document is an integral part of the 231/2001 organizational model.


Disegniamo una chiara mappa dei poteri autorizzativi e delle deleghe, dei sistemi di controllo gestionale e finanziario. Definiamo i metodi adeguati di coinvolgimento dei soggetti interni ed esterni all’azienda. Supportiamo l’impresa nell’adozione di protocolli e procedure formali con i quali definire i requisiti del sistema di controllo interno, come, ad esempio, regole operative scritte indicanti le attività di controllo più opportune.

Establishment, implementation and dissemination of a disciplinary system to be able to perform the task of deterrent and stimulator of internal legality and compliance.

Dissemination of correct internal procedures among all subjects of the company, both internal and external (such as collaborators and consultants). This element is essential for a Model built in compliance with the Law. We offer innovative, scalable and economically sustainable solutions, such as building e-learning platforms.


Establishment of an internal body within the entity that has the task of initiating and controlling the effectiveness of the Model. The Body must be endowed with full autonomy in the exercise of supervision and disciplinary power.

Definition of the Supervisory Body’s auditing powers, planning and implementation of the same.

Implementation of a system of guarantees for the promotion and investigation of internal reports, in order to prevent or stem the commission of offenses.


Updating and revision of all components of the Model on the occasion of:

1. Regulatory innovations

2. Violations of the Model

3. Changes to the organizational structure of the company.

Maintenance of the training of staff and third parties with whom the company relates.

Innovation and simplification.


We develop the e-learning platform for the dissemination of Model 231 inside and outside the company and we create customized training content, making training scalable, traceable and engaging.


We integrate the most solid IT systems for internal whistleblowing, as required by law, creating a truly anonymous and confidential reporting system, as no data can be reached from outside the company network.