Advanced investigative skills to evaluate wrongdoing and defend your rights.

We seek and identify evidence and all information useful to support the defenses of our Clients in court, even in the case of internal reports and whistleblowing allegations .

Contacts with informed people

All information received from persons informed of the facts that are taken without the adequate formalities prescribed by law are unusable.

We conduct interviews and interviews in the most appropriate ways, so that we can (possibly) use them in court.

Acquisition of other forensic information

We collect existing information from organizations and places with the most appropriate forensic methods.

Forensic acquisition of digital evidence

We acquire and analyze large volumes of data from devices and web pages, in compliance with the requirements necessary to be able to produce the evidence collected in court.

Advanced analysis of wiretaps

We use artificial intelligence systems for the parsing of wiretaps, making the search for audio evidence accessible even in large archives.

Tracking cryptocurrencies

Thanks to an important network of analysts, we track the movements of money in cryptocurrencies to gather evidence on the illicit origin or destination of funds.