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We support companies in obtaining the legality rating of the Italian Competition and Market Authority, with which they can access public administration loans and enjoy a privileged position for access to bank credit.

The rating is accessible only to companies that have been established for at least two years and currently operating in Italy, with a turnover of at least two million euros.

Legality rating

The legality rating aims to attribute an economic and reputational reward system. It was born in 2012 with the conversion of the Cresci Italia decree law, with the specific aim of offsetting the costs of businesses deriving from external diseconomies linked to the presence in the markets of criminal organizations or corruption phenomena.

Banks take into account the presence of the legality rating attributed to the company in the preliminary investigation process for the purpose of reducing the time and costs for granting loans.

In addition, the banks consider the legality rating among the variables used for the assessment of access to company credit and take it into account in determining the economic conditions of disbursement, where they find its relevance with respect to the trend of the credit relationship.

Source: Ministry of Economic Development

Public administrations, when preparing the provisions for granting loans to companies, take into account the legality rating assigned to them, according to the procedures established in the decree itself, providing at least one of the following reward systems for companies in possession of the rating:

a) preference in the ranking

b) attribution of additional points

c) share reserve of the financial resources allocated

The reward system or systems are selected in consideration of the nature, extent and purpose of the loan, as well as the recipients and the procedure envisaged for the disbursement and can be graduated according to the score achieved when assigning the rating.

Source: Ministry of Economic Development

Our Support

Due diligence

We study the company together with the Client in order to understand the current situation, as well as investigating the relevant elements according to the Authority.


We advise the Client on the operations to be undertaken to maximize the result of the request to the Authority.


We prepare the necessary documentation and support the Client with the application.

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