The executive supervision to reach the target.

We preventively ascertain compliance with laws, company policies and service level agreements of commercial projects in which several parties participate. In this way, we ensure that everyone is achieving their goals while minimizing legal risk.

Integrity monitoring

The Firm supports the efforts of its Clients (public or private) by anticipating illicit or abuses in the course of commercial projects. As a monitor, we preventively ascertain compliance with laws, regulations and company policies.

Monitorship Plan

The content of the monitoring program necessarily varies according to the type of commercial project.

Thanks to its expertise in risk intelligence and cyber security, the Firm performs in-depth due diligence on partners, contractors and their supply chain, as well as integrated compliance analysis relating to the project.

With the support of external professionals, the Firm can complement the monitoring program with extra-legal analyzes, such as forensic engineering or auditing.


The benefits of a monitoring program are manifold. The possibility of highlighting critical elements in carrying out a commercial project:

  • Minimize compliance risk;
  • Prevents reputational risk;
  • Guarantees confidence in the work of each Party;
  • Ensures the timely success of the operation;
  • Lay the foundation for investors’ confidence.

Holistic risk management can help the company preserve and increase its value, reduce the financial impact of risk and help optimize the impact of high-value operations.

Truly holistic risk management can also reduce costs by providing a solid foundation for reducing contingencies, such as regulatory violations or supply chain inefficiencies.

We take care of all this.