A tailored analysis to address real needs.

We analyze the laws and regulations applicable to the company's activities by putting the common elements into a system, reducing the bureaucratic burden and compliance costs .

Integrated compliance

In addition to the obvious benefit in terms of efficiency and economy, an integrated approach allows the maximum degree of customization of the compliance program, which is then developed taking into account the real needs of the customer. Even the preparation for ISO Certifications is thus simplified.

Law Risk analysis Control evaluation Monitorship Action plan Reporting system
Responsabilità penale degli enti
(D.lgs. 231/2001)
Privacy e Data Protection
(Reg. UE 2016/679 - GDPR)
(L. 287/1990 e ss.)
Legge sul Risparmio (L. 262/2005 / D.lgs. 303/2006)
Antiriciclaggio (D.lgs. 231/2007)
Testo Unico Ambiente
(D.lgs. 152/2006)
Sicurezza sul lavoro

Example of framework for evaluating the integration of elements common to several regulations.

Compliance scoping

Entering a new market or planning expansion into a known market are operations that involve a comprehensive study of legislation, starting from the regulations of the industrial sector of interest to those relating to the environment or work.

We offer a personalized, schematic and straight to the point study of the regulations applicable to new ventures.