Business and Criminal Law

We offer individuals and businesses the strategic and legal guidance to maximize market opportunities and protect their rights.

From the experience of four generations, Di Pietro Studio Legale was born in Milan in 2017.
Today we rely on a network of legal professionals, financial advisors and investigative analysts spread across three continents.
We are known for the professionalism, flexibility and creativity of the solutions we develop for our Clients.
We pride ourselves with our international mindset paired with our tailored approach.


Growth is a process that requires ambition, control and expertise.
Like our Clients, we have and appreciate these characteristics.


Successful businesses are born from the tireless work of an exceptional team with an impeccable strategy, all things worth protecting and defending.


Curiosity, courage, competence and dedication.
We propose ourselves as the avant-garde law firm, also in technology. Understanding the challenges of innovation, we share the solutions with our Clients.

Practice areas

Corporate compliance

We corroborate third party screenings with strategic information, protecting our Clients with solid information about their business partners.

Integrated analysis of the laws and regulations applicable to the Client, putting the common elements into a system, producing a unified response.

We assess the compliance with laws, company policies and service level agreements of commercial projects before the breach happens.

We support companies in obtaining the legality rating of the Italian Competition and Market Authority, with which they can access government loans and enjoy a privileged position for access to bank credit.

We create training programs in the legal field, also through customized e-learning platforms.

White-collar criminal law

We support the criminal defense of individuals and companies throughout the Italian territory.

We coordinate defensive investigations through a global network for the collection of actionable evidence in court.

We support the defenses with evidence collected from electronic devices and physical archives and processed using artificial intelligence.

Public procurement and tenders

We organize and carry out the entire restructuring cycle of companies with public control or participation, especially territorial ones, ensuring regulatory compliance and the audit trail.

We support companies and Public Bodies in the negotiation and execution of valuable partnerships for projects of public interest.

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