Protecting businesses and projects during anti-corruption and transparency proceedings.

We support Economic Operators and Public Bodies in dealing with complaints, requests for information and pre-litigation procedures with the National Anti-Corruption Authority.

Pre-Litigation opinions

We process requests for pre-litigation opinions and consultative opinions at the Italian Anticorruption Authority on issues arising during the conduct of the tender procedures, preventing offenses and disputes.

Sanctioning proceedings

We assist and defend Economic Operators and Local Government during the Italian Anticorruption Authority’s sanctioning proceedings. Among the procedures successfully addressed by the Firm we find, for example:

Preparation of reports

In the event of requests or disputes from the Authority, we collect useful information from the Economic Operator or the Local Body for the preparation of detailed reports and information to provide all the necessary clarifications to prevent proceedings, including:

Whistleblowing systems and prevention of discrimination against whistleblowers

We implement systems for the protection of whistleblowers in compliance with the Italian Anticorruption Authority’s guidelines, also following the initiation of proceedings for discrimination against whistleblowers.