Knowledge is power and
a legal obligation.

We support the legal screening of third parties with strategic information . Our Clients can fulfill their legal obligations while getting to know their business partners and their suppliers, digging beneath the surface.

Third party screening, tailored.

We combine information from publicly accessible sources (archives and registers, social networks, press archives, etc.) with information from confidential sources, creating a final report that can guide our Client in their choices.

After a preliminary reconstruction of the corporate structure and mapping of the people involved, we conduct a quick automated review of the controversial elements from international watch lists, specialized databases, press or market news.

Together, an initial analysis of the corporate structure allows the lawyer to identify the risk elements that may need to be investigated.

This solution is quick and cost-effective but still tailor-made (the algorithms used are written for each customer based on the sector of activity and the risks to which it is exposed), is perfect for a daily and continuous control of business partners.

The firm simplifies due diligence processes by conducting in-depth research on the identity and interests of suppliers, distributors, intermediaries, agents and potential partners in almost all jurisdictions around the world.

Whether our Clients operate in compliance with European regulations, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or the United Kingdom Bribery Act, the due diligence solutions are completely customized to the Client’s budget and needs.

In the presence of a complex production process, characterized by the coexistence of several subjects, or in the case of an exclusively capital investment in a production activity in which one does not actively participate, it is difficult to have control over compliance with regulations and company policies in production chain.

The particular approach of the Firm sees the assessment of risks and the analysis of red flags in relation to the supply chain process instead of the work of the individual company, exactly as a court would do. The Firm is responsible for reconstructing the processes of the supply chain, investigating the subjects participating in them, analyzing the quality of their contribution in relation to the reduction of legal risk. The Client then receives an in-depth analysis on the risks and a guide to their minimization.

When planning trial strategy or in court, having a well-rounded view of a witness’s (or fact-aware) interests and reputation can make all the difference. The Firm supports its Clients in drawing up the list of witnesses, experts and technical consultants pursuant to art. 468 of the Italian Criminal Code, as well as in the evaluation of the list presented by the Public Prosecutor or by the other procedural parties.

Through the use of both information from public domain sources (Open Source Intelligence) and confidential sources (Human Intelligence) and with the support of technologically advanced analysis tools (such as the reconstruction of personal and social relationships through the combination of information already cited with those taken from social networks), we outline the context in which the witness, the expert or the technical consultant make their declarations.

Open Source Intelligence

Through an in-depth analysis of the media (newspapers, radio, television), specialized databases (demographic data, financial reports, government notices and reports ...) and international watchlists, we gain a complete view on the subjects of the due diligence.

Legal Analysis

After the information has been obtained from all available sources, it must be corroborated, analyzed and synthesized.
The Firm aggregates all the information, evaluating its legal relevance.